Comic 44 - Broken

10th December 2017 in Living in a Bandit Paradise
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Author Notes:

Serra Britt 10th Dec 2017, 11:43 PM edit delete
Serra Britt
I want to say a lot but at the same time I need to tell my story through the comic and not the commentary.

I will just have to suffice with saying that, it's a lot harder to draw the pictures for this than it was to write the idea for it. And not because it's a challenge to draw. It is challenging because this is not something I really want to check references on (so I apologize if some of this doesn't look.....accurate), but more so that I don't want my dear characters to be in this situation. Drawing it out has made me realize how far to the edge this story actually goes, that I didn't really consider at first.

I do want to assure you I have no intention of changing my story significantly just because of these feelings. I still want to write and show my story as close to my original idea as possible.

Rule Buster Breaker, all characters and all aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
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